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Recently the image of nonprofit organizations is being doubt through the media and political representatives not only in V4 countries. This situation can have very negative impact on their fundraising results. One of the tool to help organizations to work on their positive image is charity monitoring and granting of Seal of Approval.

Association of Public Benefit Organizations Czech Republic (AVPO CR) has joined the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO) more than three years ago. ICFO is the international association of national charity monitoring organizations and the worldwide network of ICFO members from 20 countries. It ensures that fundraising for charitable purpose is organized and performed in a satisfactory manner and that the administration of the collected funds is adequate.

In the Czech Republic we have already 26 approved NGOs. Status of Seal of Approval helped these NGOs to increase their income from private donors by 15% in 2017. We believe it is very important to share the best practices among the V4 countries together within the ICFO network.Therefore we organize a conference focused on NGO credibility on May 24th, and ICFO annual meeting on May 25th, 2019
in Prague.
 Our goal is to have our colleagues from V4 countries to attend the conference day and ICFO annual meeting to share and discuss best practices. We will hold a specific workshop during the conference dealing with charity monitoring tool. This is a unique opportunity to share experiences not only from the Czech Republic but also from other member ICFO countries.

Sharing the experiences from Czech Republic and international network will help our V4 partners to increase the ability to implement the best practices in their own countries and cooperate more intensively in the future.


Civil Iránytű Alapítvány (Charity Compass Foundation, Hungary)

The Self-Regulatory Board of Fundraising Organizations was founded in 2012 with the main aim of strenthening trust and this was also the reasong of the development of the Fundraising Organizations’ Code of Ethics, which was accepted by the founding organizations. The main cornerstones of the Code of Ethics are credibility, legitimacy, transparency and publicity. The tasks connected with the operations of the SRBFO (recruitment, monitoring of members, organizing the work of the boards, external communication) are managed by the Charity Compass Foundation.

Centrum poradenstva a vzdelávania, n.o. (Center for Counseling and Education, nonprofit, Slovakia)

The aim of the center is the improvement of NGOs in Slovakia. They offer consulting and educational services for hundreds of NGOs in the field of good governance, effective and transparent economy, human resources and legal issues. Furthermore, currently they lead the project funded by EU „Economic Tools of the Effective Governance of NGOs“, with the main goal of preparing very professional „cook book“ for NGOs – how to be more effective and more transparent.

Fundacja Prolitero (Prolitero Foundation, Poland)

Mission of the Prolitero Foundation is to support civil society activities and educate young journalists. Special part is also the transparency and the trust of the charity NGOs. Prolitero foundation would like to prepare a special report on it in order to improve the situation in Poland. To deal more profoundly with this topic Prolitero foundation board decided to establish a special foundation. It shall offer e.g. consulting and educational services for hundreds of NGOs in the field of good governance, effective and transparent economy, human resources and legal issues. The meeting with colleagues from other countries, particularly from The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will be great opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices.